Virtual Teacher Treasure Trove

Addition/Subtraction Game

To become fluent with addition and subtraction facts, one does not want the children to memorize facts.  Fluency is defined as flexible and quick.  Memorization does not include the flexibility. Obviously, math talks are critical to developing fluency.  But, games can play a big part in developing fluency as well.
Here is how one would play the games with a classroom full of students.  The first week should be spent teaching how to split a screen, how to open classroom and how to open assignments within the classroom.  I’d actually choose a simpler game so that the focus is on opening the game, spinner, etc and getting set up to play.  The teacher should tell the kid with the longest hair/shortest hair/earliest birthday/etc to open both the jamboard and the spinner.  The teacher then needs to teach the students how to share the jamboard with their partner.  The child with the longest hair will split his screen, share the jamboard with his partner, then present his screen to his partner so that his partner can see the spinner.

5 Plus Dice
40 Plus Spinner
38 Plus Spinner
62 Minus Spinner